Our team got in contact with Charlotte Running Co due to our mutual connections in the collegiate running world. As a staple of running in the Charlotte area, we were incredibly excited to work with this local business that does so much for the community around it.


CRC had an interest in creating an “Our Story” style piece using testimonial from Scott and the other founders to highlight how CRC has grown the running community over the past 20 years. The length of the video was aimed to be around 60 to 90 seconds. Tone, messaging, & editing were all ironed out through consistent client communication, sharing examples, and talking through our vision for this project.


Charlotte Running Company | Charlotte, NC


Watch Here.

The goal of this video was to showcase the long-standing values of CRC to prospective customers who are considering where to buy/place their loyalty. For the shoot, we had the pleasure of working with the owners and the CRC staff who were able to provide incredible insightful and engaging answers to our interview questions. In the end, our completed video helped to highlight Charlotte Running Co and the culture that the owners have worked so hard to cultivate.

  • Photo & Video Production
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Color Correcting & Sound Mixing